More than a ball. A golf training aid for immediate feedback anytime, anywhere. The Pill Golf™ training ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating flaws for quick detection & correction. Instant insight improves your performance for putts, chips & full shots. It’s also currently used by over 60 USPGA Tour players including Chesson Hadley USPGA Rookie of the Year and Puerto Rico Open winner 2014. It’s one of the most innovative golf training solutions on the market today and one of our best selling products. The Pill Golf™ Warm Up Set is an ideal pack to get you started, it comes with 3 Pills and Custom Pill Bag. This allows you to improve onto the two Pill drill which truly works on creating a square club face at Impact.

Introduced in 2012 by Paul Nagi – The Pill Golf™ was created from hours of testing and years of teaching experience. It remains the only training aid to deliver immediate feedback on nearly every swing. For many, “Rolling the pill” is an expression used in golf and refers to when a player is putting well. With the Pill™, you’ll be “rolling the pill” in every sense as it helps you naturally improve your stroke.

Paul Nagi, Inventor and Head Pro at The Pill Golf™, is a professional golf instructor. He trains privately with students across the U.S. including numerous pros.

Paul played golf at New York University and went on to run their intramural program. He then became Director of Instruction for the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, tasked with training 100+ inner-city teens to become amateur instructors. His success led to a position at the Tregnan Golf Academy in Los Angelos, a top junior training facility, where he worked with students age four to eighteen. It was here that he became wary of ineffective training aids.

Growing up, golf lessons were a luxury Paul could not afford. He spent countless hours of his childhood in golf stores, dreaming of ways to improve his own game. Years as a youth instructor shaped Paul’s ability to simplify technique into clear, understandable lessons.


The Pill Golf™ resembles a hockey puck more than a golf ball, this game-improvement product is designed for practice on and around the greens. The idea behind this dimple-shaped short-game aid is to exaggerate your misses. If you hit a putt off-center, The Pill Golf™ will miss three cups outside instead of a slight miss. You can see your misses and make the proper adjustments. Drop it in a bunker and you’ll be forced to hit behind the ball with a proper sand swing. If not, you’ll hit it thin and leave it in the bunker.






Think of a tire. If you don’t roll it straight, it wobbles around or falls flat. We applied the same physics to a golf ball to create a training tool with major feedback.

  • Forces you to hit square and center on clubface
  • Inaccuracies send it wobbling, rolling at a curve or falling on its side
  • Cambered sides for precision, performance & added training capabilities





Our two-piece molded design distributes weight evenly for an honest roll.

  • Soft-compression core won’t over compress
  • Even weight distribution means it can’t self-correct
  • Feel and performance of a tour-quality golf ball




It’s not just a putting tool. Like the highest quality golf balls on the market, The Pill Golf™ is produced with a Surlyn® cover to withstand even your strongest swing.

  • Strong enough for chip & full-shot training
  • Highly resilient synthetic stands up to durability test of the avid golfer
  • Same material used in the majority of golf balls across the industry
  • Allows many options for spin & distance combinations

The Pill Golf™ golf training ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating flaws for quick detection & correction. Instant insight improves your performance for putt, chip & full shot.





For alignment exercises, The Pill Golf™ should be upright and aiming towards the hole. Give it a swing. What happened to The Pill Golf™’s path as it rolled?

  1. “It rolled straight!” Congratulations! Your alignment and stroke were square.
  2. “It curved inward, towards me.” That means your clubface was slightly closed at impact. Proceed to our closed-face video below.
  3. “It curved out and away” Your clubface was slightly open at impact. Proceed to our open-face video below.

Unlike other training aids that force you to keep a birds-eye view to determine roll path, The Pill Golf™ makes it easy to quickly see which way you’re rolling.





To get a deeper look at how you release your clubface, place two The Pill Golf™ balls parallel with sides touching.Take a swing. What happened?

  1. “They rolled together at almost the same rate” Congratulations! You’re releasing the club perfectly.
  2. “The inside The Pill Golf™ rolled ahead of the other” You aren’t releasing or rotating your club face enough. Proceed to our open-face video below.
  3. “The outer The Pill Golf™ rolled ahead of the other” You over-released or flipped the face closed. Proceed to our toe flip exercise below.