KRONOS Golf really have an edge on the Standard putter manufacturers, they are Tour Specification putters that the discerning golfer can purchase without spending £1,000’s. They are manufactured in limited edition batch runs, so getting one in your bag is a great privilege and must for any golfer

Untitled-2KRONOS is the vision of Phillip Lapuz, Eric Williams, and their friends. KRONOS is compelled by the desire to create the most precise and balanced putters possible without gimmicks.

Together they bring over a century of expertise to the golf industry. It’s a feel good, quality hand made product in a variety of designs and class finishes. Before KRONOS, Lapuz and friends machined and prototyped putters, metal woods, and golf machines for Titleist, Taylormade, Goldwin and a handful of other major and minor golf brands who ultimately moved to cheaper, less precise methods of manufacturing.

Each and every putter is Precision CNC milled from one piece of Steel or Stainless steel depending on the Collection. They are then painstakingly individually hand finished, then ground so that each Putter balances on its sight line, now that is Craftsmanship and detailing that few other companies can match.

For KRONOS, a putter is a precision instrument. KRONOS combine modern manufacturing techniques with traditional shapes, they use complementing finishing techniques to match our materials, and they partner with the world’s best craftsmen with the latest advances in manufacturing technology. KRONOS use a variety of common and rare metals, all using solid billets to ensure no air pockets in the material – they acknowledge the properties of all their materials, and they acknowledge and embrace the differences.

Kronos Putters

KRONOS ethos is to design with: cutting, polishing, coating, and assembly in mind. They design and execute from start to finish. Nothing gets lost in translation because of one simple fact: there is no translating, for KRONOS this means –


They minimize imprecision by superior design and superior execution. All putters are assembled by the world’s finest craftsmen, using the finest techniques and the highest quality materials. Each putter is precision milled from a solid billet of metal to maintain the purity of the metal and the integrity of the structure. KRONOS delicately polishes each piece by hand to preserve as much of the precision as possible, then minimally coats as needed to match the material.

Finally, the putter head is hand painted and cured before each club is hand assembled and individually balanced. Each head is designed specifically to balance on the sight line on the center of gravity. In other words, the sweet spot is where the line is drawn. This is something that most people think can be taken for granted, and oddly enough, it is rarely seen in practice.

Each head is designed specifically to balance on the sight line on the center of gravity. In other words, the sweet spot is where the line is drawn. This is something that most people think can be taken for granted. Oddly enough, it is rarely seen in practice.

The Kronos range of putters has been designed showcase the natural beauty of the material they are made in. There are three unique series of finishes:



 Using Raw American Stainless Steel ™, the KRONOS RAW Series ™ keeps things pure and simple.



 The RARE Series represents the marriage of precision with the finest materials. It’s a one-off putter built to thrill or a putter made from a limited supply of high-end materials.



 With a Satin Slate PVD ™ finish, soft carbon steel, and leather covers, the KRONOS REFINED Series blurs the line between form and function.





A classic design with a Kronos twist. Design and materials pay homage to 1900s. The sharp lines and mill marks tell the story of the club’s crafting. Milling from a single piece of carbon steel is labor and materials intensive but necessary to create a soft seamless piece. A thick topline provides solid feel upon impact. The silver pearl finish refines and completes the putter.





A classic mallet revived. Each shaft is hand bent to ensure precise face-balance, preferred by many of those with straight-back, straight-through stroke path. Slightly heavier weighting, at 360 and 370 grams, aids with stability. Our precision milling is once again showcased by swirling mill marks and our signature sharp top line. The Compass Scored™ face features additional micro scores to soften feel and increase texture.





The Mandala presents an innovation in classic putter design. The view from address maintains a classic D-shaped silhouette. Almost every other view reveals the unique Swan Tail™ flange. This sweeping reverse taper moves mass deeper in the club, encouraging continued acceleration through the putt. The undercut notch on the leading edge of the neck allows for a better view of the ball on this true center-shafted putter.




Collaborating with John Ashworth and his Linksoul company, this putter reflects our shared appreciation of golf’s heritage and was inspired by mid-century blade putter design. More art than science, many of its features are rarely seen today such as the long neck, flangeless back, and two inch ferrule. Striving to keep its character but improve on the craftsmanship, we milled the putter from solid billet steel. Signature Compass Scored™ face, three plane sole, and sharp precision milling make this putter unmistakably a Kronos.




The Release model stands tall as the preferred tool of craftsmen who
believe in the importance of a proper release on impact – not just in the long ball, but in their short game too. This long neck putter was designed with a full shaft offset and a slight toe hang. In addition, although this putter may look like an ordinary long neck putter, the design has been altered to achieve a sweet spot that is directly in line with the sight line. All of this leads to an intentional design result and to those of you who believe that a blade putter should not be played like a mallet, your voice has been heard.

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