It’s been a busy period for the team at here at GolfingLinks and it looks to be getting even busier as we test new products and send out new orders to our customers. Our new news section will provide you with all the latest News, Blogs and Vlogs about all the best new products and antics we get up too.

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3ft Crazy Putt get 3 Million Views…

It’s hard to imagine calling a holed 3-foot putt the most incredible putt you’ve ever seen. However, folks, this birdie putt on the ninth hole at The Golf House Club, Elie, in Fife, Scotland, is just that. Having arrived at the ninth hole Greg, Director of Golf at GolfingLinks wanted to try something a little…
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Stunning Kronos Putters

[wpcol_1third id=”left column” class=”left column” style=”left¬†column”] [/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_1third id=”middle column” class=”middle column” style=”middle column”] Stunning Kronos Putters Vincent and Greg Walker both attended the USPGA Golf Expo in Orlando. We tracked down ¬†Phil Lapuz of Kronos Golf who are in our opinion without doubt the most exciting new putter manufacturers and designers we have met…
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