If we could play golf all day then we would, we love the game and want you to enjoy it as much as we do. Golfing Links Org is all about sourcing and distributing innovate products that make the game easier whilst striving to give you access to some of the best golfing aids on the market and some pretty nice Golf Tech too.

We proactively search the globe for the latest and greatest golfing equipment and give you the chance to purchase them from us or via one of our trusted retailers. Our specialty is Golf Training Aids – Our team tests them rigorously to see if they really work for High to Low handicappers alike, it’s only when we see positive improvements to our game that we then approve them for resale – we only stock products that deliver results!

Plus, we have a track record of choosing great products and are fortunate to have forged great partnerships with the USPGA Expo ‘BEST NEW PRODUCT’ winners in 2012, with ‘THE SET-UP-STICK’ and also the ‘THE PILL GOLF’ – Golf Digest Editors Pick PGA Show 2013.



Golfing Links Org is a family run business, with its roots firmly anchored near the home of golf, St Andrews, Scotland. Our heritage comes from a deep understanding of engineering and the manufacture of precision components for on and offshore industries at our Group Head quarters Arrell Eng Co Ltd, who have been in the Precision Engineering sector since 1952 and currently supply many of the Worlds largest Companies with precision components.








The Golfing Link’s business is born out of complete passion for the game, a past time that turned into an opportunity. Equally, it was a desire to help others enjoy the game even more by finding ways to link some of the exciting new product innovations on the market to a wider, established network of Retailers and Golfers.

Golfinglinks LogoOur Golfing Links Org story began back in 2012 after a visit to the USPGA Expo in Orlando, Florida. After days spent viewing the product stands and testing some of the many amazing tech on offer, we saw a fantastic opportunity to link up with some of the many US start-up companies and help them reach the UK Golf Market. We knew that these products would have instant appeal in the UK, and with our growing network of contacts we could help and support them in getting their products noticed and into the hands of golfers looking to improve their game.

KRONOSphotoOur first partner was Kronos Golf. We really liked their products, they were far superior to any other putters we had seen on the market at the time and just looked and felt so good to play with. Kronos has a really clear vision and strategy that was simple, believable and compelling – it was also one that we understood due to our Precision Engineering heritage. We saw the potential of the product and knew that it was perfect for players in the UK who wanted a quality putter and were prepared to invest a little more to help lower their scores. So the deal was agreed and Golfinglinks became Kronos’s official European and UK distribution partners.

We are also the main European distribution partners for ‘The Pill’ – this is one of the games most truly innovative putting and chipping training products. It’s a simple yet effective device that helps ensure the club head is square and aligned at impact and should be in the bag of every golfer who wants to lower his score.

Since we started, we’ve had the chance to visit numerous shows and test a huge array of new products and build some fantastic new relationships. We are extremely proud to be Official UK Distribution Partners for Kronos Golf, The Pill Golf, The Set-Up Stick, Tiba Putt, Train Your Aim, Snap Cap Golf and T-Stroke. We are continually adding to the product line up and testing new innovations week on week, so please contact us if you feel you would like us to promote your Product.

Our business is built on the core ethos of ‘adding value’ and delivering high levels of ‘customer satisfaction’ – we do that by giving you great products, with competitive pricing and fast, efficient delivery. It’s important that we get it right, for us it’s not just about selling products, we want to build long lasting relationships with our suppliers and most importantly the customers who use their products via our retail outlets.




The website is completely focused on providing insight on the best golfing aids to help lower your scores. We’re extremely confident in the products we sell and test each product to ensure they really do work effectively.


Our goal is to help you enjoy your game of golf even more. So, when we hear about people who use our products and are now hitting lower scores and improving week on week, that’s all the proof we need to justify our commitment and investment.


We don’t want to make the game any more expensive. All the products we sell offer real value for money and are competitively priced, in fact we’re confident that they will save you money in the long run. Just think how much money you’ll save on balls once your aim is accurate?


We know that many of you hate shopping at the best of times, and when your game is at stake, its extra important to make sure you get it in plenty of time to practice before that weekend competition. So we’ve tried to make that part easier too – find the product you want and tell us when you need it and we’ll do the rest.



meet the team

Vincent WalkerManaging Director
A hugely successful businessman and proud Scot. Vincent is one of the key driving forces behind GolfingLinks.Org and is actively involved with operational and financial management of the business. Equally, Vincent has a real passion for the game – a passionate golfer, having played the wee game for 20+ years.

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meet the team

Greg Walker – Director of Golf
A dedicated professional with numerous golfing accreditations, including a HND in Professional Golf. Greg heads up the team and is responsible for product sourcing & development, testing and marketing. He has over 3 million views on Youtube – thanks to his amazing putting prowess at Elie Golf Course!

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meet the team

Customer Services –
Christine, Rachel & Eva run the customer service team and ensure that your orders are processed efficiently and delivered on time. They’re a chirpy bunch and always smiling around the office, plus, they are always on the end of the phone or an email away to answer any questions that you have about any of the products – so feel free to give them a call +44 0141 6473039

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Golfing Links Organisation is a Distribution Company and is always in the hunt for new products and companies to work with. Golfing Links works with many Professional Golf Shops & also Sporting Outlets. If your company is interested in working with Golfing Links & our product range please feel free to contact us at:  Let’s work together to build the Game of Golf.



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